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What You need to Know About Whey Protein

By: Bryan Ruskin

What is Whey Protein and where does it come from?

Simply said, whey protein is derived from milk. Within milk there exists two forms of protein: casein, which makes up nearly 80% of the total protein in milk, and whey, the other 20%. Whey protein is a more soluble protein and is much richer in content than its less valuable, though more abundant brother, casein. Also, whey protein is abundant in branched-chain amino acids, which are vital to building and maintaining muscle tissue. During the process of extraction, whey protein is separated from its original compound during milk's transformation into cheese. The resulting product is pure whey protein/

Is there a difference between Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate?

The difference between the two is actually quite large. Whey protein isolate contains 90% or more of pure whey protein and is its most highly concentrated form. Whey concentrate, on the other hand, typically contains only 25-89% of pure whey protein and also is known to possess additional fats and lactate within its formula. The difference in price between whey isolate and whey concentrate will be apparent to any buyer in the market for a protein supplement. While some may want to save money and invest in concentrate, the money kept is simply a trade off for a more than likely inferior protein product.

Why is Whey Protein important for those who work out?

When exercising, the goal is to break down muscle fibers and tissue so that they will regenerate stronger each time. In order for this regrowth to occur, however, the body must be equipped with the necessary nutrients it needs to perform its various functions. Whey protein assists in: building and repairing muscles and bones, repairing cells within the body, metabolic functions, etc. In a simple sense, whey protein and the amino acids it contains will bolster muscle recovery time and provide the body with the nutrients it needs to keep up with your gains in the gym.

How much Whey Protein should I take a day?

This will vary based on your age, size, and overall fitness goals. Typically those wish to build stronger and larger muscles will want to consume more than individuals who simply want to get into a lean, athletic shape. In any case, whey protein is beneficial to both parties.

Where should I get my whey protein from?  Like which brand is the  best?

There are many brands from GNC, to twinlab, to EAS, but the one I highly recommend is to get your whey (or any protein supplement) from Naked Whey on Amazon, they have probably the cleanest purest form of whey you can possibly buy.






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