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Hardcore Plank Exercise
Hardcore 6 Pack Abs Workout - Full 10 minute Advanced Plank Workout!

How is a 6 pack of Abs possible?


Ripped 6 Pack Abs

Many of you have been wondering, "how in the world can I get a sexy 6 pack of Abs?" or "how in the heck do the people in those magazines get 6 packs like that?". Well, for one it is not easy, but I honestly believe anybody can get there. It just takes a lot of motivation, time, and the proper knowledge on how to go about it.

To start, getting a 6 pack of Abs involves decreasing your body fat levels so your Ab muscles show instead of the layers of fat covering it.

So how do I get rid of the fat?

To get rid of the fat covering your Abs, there are 3 essential elements that are involved:

  • DIET

Now all three of these elements together (done in the proper way) does one very important thing for you which helps to melt the fat away from your Abs, which is, they INCREASES YOUR METABOLISM! I pretty much say over and over again through this website, that promoting the appearance of muscles on your body is all about increasing your metabolism, and this is the key for getting a 6-pack.

These three simple steps is what it takes for getting a 6 pack. You need a low bodyfat percent for your Ab muscles to show. Now many people might think the best way to reduce fat around your Abs is to do crunches or sit-ups, well guess what, all this is doing for you is slightly increasing your muscle mass in your Ab muscles, but this is doing NOTHING for fat loss around your Abs. You may be getting bigger Ab muscles by doing this, but you'll never see them if they are always covered by fat.

So how do I get rid of the fat around my Abs?

First off, you can't just lose fat in one particular area, anytime your losing fat, your evenly doing it all over your body, and the best way to do this is to increase your metabolism. If you try to get a 6-pack by starving yourself, then your shooting yourself in the foot! You must maintain your muscle mass as much as possible while trying to lose fat weight, so you have to keep your overall calories up, while doing plenty of resistance training.

Okay, so then how do I increase my metabolism?

Cardio, cardio, and more cardio!!! while also eat, eat, and eat some more!!!

Now if I was to continue on with this article, I would almost be mirroring pretty much what I said in my cardio, diet, and resistance training articles. So I would go read them over, and I guarantee you will have all the knowledge it takes to get a 6 pack of Abs.

Here are some quick tips on how to and not to get a six pack of Abs:

One of the biggest myths floating around is that getting a 6-pack mainly involves resistance training workouts. And you can see this because the TV is filled with boatloads of info commercials on the latest gadgets and machines that claim they can give you a 6 pack in no time. Well, all their really trying to do is to TAKE YOUR MONEY, nothing else. So please, NEVER fall for any of that crap! You do not need any machine of any type to get the resistance portion of getting a six pack, all you need to do is simply do some crunches, that's it! The majority of the work of getting a six pack is actually doing plenty of intense cardio workouts, and eating properly.

People are spending millions of dollars a year on Ab products that claim you can get a flat stomach, or flat tummy in no time. Well what you are reading right now, is worth more THAN anything you probably have ever read or any Ab machine you have ever bought, because trust me, if you follow the guidelines in this website, you WILL get a 6 pack faster than anything you've tried or read about before. I KNOW what I am talking about here.

Some people can get a 6 pack without doing absolutely NO crunches or Ab workouts at all! It is possible to get a 6 pack solely from doing plenty of cardio alone! By doing lots of cardio, your reducing your bodyfat down to almost nothing, by doing this your promoting Ab muscle definition. One of my best friends is on the track team for school, and all he cares about is well, improving his sprinting abilities, he doesn't care at all about having a 6 pack or even and other muscle type definition. And guess what, this guy is ripped, he has a 6 pack, and he achieved this solely by doing sprints all the time, he never lifts weights or even does any crunches. Now, don't get me wrong here, this guy does not have a whole lot of muscle mass, he could easily gain a lot of muscle mass by lifting weights also, or increase his Ab muscle size by doing some crunches.  I almost would think cardio is not an option when it comes to getting a 6 pack abs, you pretty much have to do it in order to get a 6 pack.

Some people may be trying to get a 6 pack, but simply can't do it. You need to figure out your problem area, and those problems stem from one of the three elements: cardio, diet, and resistance exercises.  If I was to put a rating on what most people's problems stem from, from most to least, it would be:

CARDIO - 9/10

DIET - 7/10


That's right, I think not doing cardio is people's biggest flaw when it comes to getting ripped abs, you need to do cardio on a continuous basis in order to streamline the process of getting ripped abs.  Second would be diet, you have to eat 6-8 smaller meals throughout the day eating PLENTY of protein, in order to get ripped abs.  And although resistance training is on a pretty low scale, I am mainly referring this to your Ab workouts. Did you know that by doing bench presses, squats, chin-ups, and other resistance exercises, can help you get a 6 pack faster? YEP! By doing all that, your increasing your overall muscle mass, which increases your metabolism to lose fat. But what I'm trying to say here is that doing 200 crunches a day is going to do practically nothing for getting a 6-pack, now that is a total waste of time and energy, your better off doing less reps, but hold a 10 pound plate behind your head to increase the resistance.

Don't give up, go read over the cardio, diet, and resistance training articles now to learn how to achieve a six pack or a flat stomach.






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