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Keys to Lower Abdominal Definition

By: Coach Street - at June 27, 2012
Recently a lot of people have been asking me how to build better and more defined lower abs.  I realized this is a question many want an answer to, and so I am writing this response. 

The first and most important thing to know is that it’s not easy.  But honestly, it doesn’t have to be that hard either.  You have to be willing to commit to this three part regiment.

These keys are cardio workouts, strength training workouts, and diet.  You will need all three working together to meet your perfect abs goals!


Every abdominal defining workout should have this component.  Cardiovascular and Aerobic exercises will increase the number of calories your body burns, and jumpstart your metabolism.  You should begin with walking or jogging.  You should intensify your workout to the point where you require strong but controlled breathing.  Breathe in and out of your nose while maintaining good posture.  I will elaborate on this later with cardio for perfect abs.



Once you have gotten the blood pumping, and the body properly jumpstarted, it is time to move into strength training.  This is a guide for building better, stronger and more defined abs, but your strength training should not be simply relegated to abdominal workouts.  I have yet to see anyone with perfect abs, and yet no upper body, and no lower body strength and definition.  It is important to do focused abdomen workouts such as various crunches, but it is also important to remember to purpose of the abdominal muscles.  That is to stabilize the strength of the upper and lower muscles.  So we will also detail various complex anaerobic workouts that engage the core along with lower abs specific workouts.


Healthy Eating

Everyone wants to forget about diet, but it may be the most important to these three keys to Abdominal Definition.  It is important to keep a good and balance eating regiment.  I will go into depth about abdominal fat burning regiments, and also fat burning diets later.  But right now, I want to remind you that you have abdominal muscles… they are just covered up:  lower the daily amount of calories that you take in.  In general, calorie restriction will ultimately lower your body fat percentage when combined with exercise.  It is extremely important to do this within the restrictions of a controlled diet plan.  Cutting more than 300 calories per day at a time can slow the metabolism and lead to serious health concerns and should not be done.  When lowering calorie intake, you should avoid cutting more than 300 daily calories over the course of a three week period. 

In order to burn abdominal fat, you need to maintain a good metabolism rate:  I spoke about jumpstarting the metabolism in the cardio section, but there are diet components that add to the success of increasing your metabolic rate.  It is important for you to carefully examine the make-up of your diet.  Later, I will expand on the damaging effects of highly refined foods and effective fuels for the body.






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