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Hardcore Plank Exercise
Hardcore 6 Pack Abs Workout - Full 10 minute Advanced Plank Workout!

Lifestyle Habits that affect Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is more than just going to the gym and working out, more importantly what you do outside of the gym greatly determines how much of a benefit you will get from your workouts. As you should know by now eating plays a very important role of a bodybuilder's lifestyle, they have to get up and eat every few hours, which can get really annoying for some people, but THIS is the lifestyle you must inherit if you choose to live the way of a bodybuilder, it is not that easy, it does require dedication on your part.

Aside from eating, almost everything else you do has an impact on your bodybuilding success, whether you smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, or sleep irregular, has a huge impact on your goals, and can impede your progress. Simple things like going to sleep after drinking a lot of alcohol can greatly diminish your ability to secrete growth hormones while sleeping, which is extremely important for muscle gains and fat lose, and your overall mentality. You must live day after day, living and breathing as a bodybuilder to continuously see the gains that most people want from bodybuilding.

At first this may become difficult to grasp but overtime it may become natural for you to do the necessary steps it takes to be successful.

Remember bodybuilding is a lifestyle, it's not something you just do in the gym, it's something you do all day long around the clock.





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