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Bodybuilding supplement Guide

Are supplements worth it?

For the most part they are not needed, but they can help to supplement your diet by filling in some gaps of getting certain amounts of nutrients into your body.

Which supplements are the most important and least important to worry about?

I think vitamins and minerals are the most important supplements you can buy, even better than protein powder. Getting a good 1 a-day vitamin/mineral supplement is a wise investment. I also suggest taking some extra of the following vitamins and minerals: Magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. Those three vitamins/minerals are very important to bodybuilding and your overall health.

And all the others are a waste of money right?

I wouldn't say their a waste of money, but I can say you do not need them to build a ripped natural physique. Pretty much, most supplements are generally not essential to bodybuilding success at all, they are there only for companies to take your money for no good reason! Don't get me wrong some supplements are okay to take in small amounts to assist your bodybuilding efforts, and they are:

Creatine - The fuel source for ATP, an energy system used for short bursts of power. Creatine is a substance that is made by the body and used to store energy. It is being studied in the treatment of weight loss related to cancer. It is derived from the amino acid arginine. Your body naturally produces about 1 gram of creatine a day. A lot of people gain 10-15 pounds within the first few weeks of taking creatine for the first time, this is all water weight. But this is good, because it helps the muscles with strenuous activities such as sprinting or weight lifting. It can help to improve your form and prevent injuries. I still remember the first time I took creatine, I noticed a HUGE increase in the reps of my bench press just two weeks after taking it, it felt like I was on steroids! This was just coming from creatine, a natural substance that can be supplemented in your diet. Now don't think you'll keep getting gains like this week after week, what creatine does best for you is to help improve your form and intensity which is important for a good hormone excreting workout. I recommend taking about 5-10 grams of creatine per day.

Protein powder - Now now, if you've read my diet article you know I do not recommend consuming protein powder as nearly as much as whole foods, protein powder does not increase your metabolism as nearly as much as whole foods do. Although I do recommend taking some whey protein isolate after lifting weights as that helps to get a quick nitrogen boost into your muscles. I also recommend taking some caseinate protein right before going to sleep for the day as this helps to maintain your metabolism overnight. Just remember though bodybuilding is all about increasing your metabolism, and one of the best ways to do this is eating whole protein foods, and protein powder is NOT the answer for this.

Where is the best place to buy supplements? - The first thing that comes to your mind is probably GNC, since that is like in every local mall or pharmacy.  Well you might be happy to know there are much cheaper places to buy your supplements, and they can all be found online.  I have already done the research myself in finding the best places to buy supplements online, and I would have to say that Netrition.com is probably the best place to buy supplements, it's also the same place where I have been buying all my supplements, I have not had one problem with them yet..

And for your protein powder, I highly recommend Naked Whey on Amazon, I have been buying from them for over 10 years and they are MUCH better than any other protein brand, even better then EAS, twinlab, and GNC.


Other Supplements that do work

Since protein powder, creatine and vitamins and minerals are the most essential supplements for bodybuilding I would like to further explain to you the other optional supplements that do help in assisting your bodybuilding efforts. And they are...

Blue Green Algae - Another supplement I recently started using is Blue Green Algae from e3live.com, they currently have the best Blue Green Algae and won an award for the best superfood supplement. Blue Green Algae gives you insane mental focus and will help you increase your intensity during your workouts which equates to more muscle growth and fat loss as a result.

Fish Oil - There is a wide array of health benefits from fish oil, from better vision to better mental clarity to improved sexual function. Fish oil contains omega 3s.






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